Why I like it? ‘Cause it’s me

Just a quick post.

A week ago, I had a talk with my friend. We talked about our fav movies. I named some of my favorites. Then she asked, why I liked those movies, so I gave her my fav part from each movies. She said,”Aku sering ga ngerti kenapa kau suka film ini, film itu, karena menurutku film-film itu biasa aja jalan ceritanya”.

Then, I think, think think, and think. Why I love those movies?

I find two big reasons, reasons that will explain why I put some movies into my fav.

First, because the story line have similar pattern with a part or parts of my life.

Second, the story tell what I want in my life, how I want to live my life.

Ya, that’s all.

Anyway, I just watched Letters to Juliet. I never put Italy in my dream place to go, except Venice, but after I watched, I’m absolutely looooooveeee Italy. The beauty of Verona, Sienna, is awesome! The vineyard is above awesome!

Good movie to me. And I had a good sleep after. And can you guess why I like this one? 😉



  1. s0ul_pr1nc3 · February 12, 2011

    also, Italy have a lots of wonderful foods

    • devitoo · February 12, 2011

      ehh,, ada kocen..
      yess, lots and lots of delish foods

      • kocen · February 13, 2011

        Np emangnya kalo ad aq?
        Yeah, also their culture is soo, how do i say it, they are enjoying their life, not rushing, etc
        *know it from eat pray love, 😀
        Blg” y klo mau pg, hihi

      • devitoo · February 16, 2011

        dan mereka ramah2!!!
        pinjam dong eat pray and love nya,, sebelum kau jdi sarjana cen 😀

      • kocen · February 16, 2011

        Yah, boleh dibilang ramah la
        udah dipinjem dluan ama Ramon
        Ntar habis dia y..

      • devitoo · February 16, 2011

        oke kocen 😀

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