Young Adulthood Developmental Task

Are you in the condition where people around start asking,” have you got a BF/GF? Who is your BF/GF?” or “have you graduated? when will you graduate?” and you get sick with all this questions? Don’t worry, you’re not acting abnormal. You’re still normal. We’re in the same shoes 🙂

Have you ever think why? Why all these people, from nowhere, start asking same annoying questions?

Well, according to Havighurst, with his theory about human developmental task, we are now in the stage of young adulthood (18-30 years old). And there are tasks you need to fulfill in this stage, like :

  • selecting mate
  • learning to live with partner
  • starting family
  • rearing children
  • managing home
  • getting started in occupation
  • taking on civic responsibility
  • finding a congenial social group

See, from point 1 until point 5 it’s all about creating a new family. How can you create a family if you don’t have someone to start it with? That’s why those people ask. They want you to aware, to be ready to start your own life.

And how can you start your life without money? And there goes the 6th point. You need to find a job, so you can earn money to start your life.  And to find a job you need to …? Correct! Graduate first!

Hahh, are you ready to finish all these tasks? I am.

4 thoughts on “Young Adulthood Developmental Task

  1. Yes yes yes. Been there, done that, in fact still. It’s time for you too maybe. That’s what we call life!

    1. Wow, you’ve passed this stage? Lucky you, but it’s still getting harder in the next step, huhh?
      Me still work my butt on this stage.. -__-

    1. so then keep working on it 😀
      btw, sorry for asking, have we known each other before? Curious about it hehe

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