Sweet Escape

Last weekend I had a short trip to Singapore. It was quite fun, but uber tired! We went to common spot like Marina Bay, China Town, Orchard, but the most important was Sentosa Resort. And yess, we had a good time in Universal Studio. But, God, couldn’t stand the queue.. I was like “Where the hell this people coming from?”

Overall it blew me.. But the best part wasn’t in the USS. After we had fun and grabbed our dinner we moved to the beach and got ready for the show called “Songs of the Sea”. The songs were good enough, but the light, I love it..

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Ahh, I’m waiting for the next trip. Places with four seasons sounds tempting..



  1. Akbar · June 26, 2011

    Stumbled upon your blog! Udah sampe singapur aja 😀
    Maennya ke deket rumah lagi hahaha
    Anyway, nice blog! 🙂

    • devitoo · June 27, 2011

      nah,, kemarin itu mau hubungin elu sebelum ke SG, tpi bingung mau ngubunginnya gmn,, twitternya udah g aktif sih yaa? jadi g bisa minta diajak muter2kan 😦

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