My Dream Holiday

Found out this topic from an English group on Facebook. English with Desi Anwar. Here I need to describe the location, what activities I will do, and the person who will accompany me in the trip.

Well, talking about dream holiday, it always won’t be far from the word Europe. I always wanna try and feel Europe. Somehow, I (know I will) love Europe.But Europe just a general view of my holiday destination. If I need to be more specific, I’d like to try London (of course), French, Spanish, Holland, and I added two more, Italy and Greece (there’s an island called Santorini). And, ahh, Cappadocia!!!!

My devotion to Europe started years ago when I was just a girl in junior high. I remember my self often  watched “Intimate Escape”.  It was a program from Discovery Channel. I don’t know the original aim of  this program. But to “me”, the aim of this program was to open up my eyes and made me realize how big this world is. How many places I should visit and sadly how much money will it cost to travel those places.

The program mostly took places around Europe or South America. And I always love the view, the hotel room, and the most important, the foods! Then there was a light came up to my mind and ringing something like “You need to feel it yourself”. So, yaa, that’s how this dream begun.

What activities I will do? I don’t have detail plans about what will I do in my dream holiday. Because it’s still in the stage “dream”. I think I’ll make a real plan when this dream holiday turns to real holiday. But one thing for sure, I wanna watch Chelsea when I touchdown in London. Woohooo!!!!

And with whom I’d like to travel? I always think it would be great having a journey with our loved one. Lover I mean. Spending a good quality time and just enjoy the view, foods, and the magnetic feeling (okay, I’m being too much right here).

So, yaa, I think it’s all about my dream holiday. I hope it won’t be just a dream.

ps: beside Europe, I do wanna fly to Korea. I need to meet someone. Or some boys maybe.


One comment

  1. ndok · July 27, 2011

    your p.s — me wanna do that also…:))

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