The ending of 2011

As 2011 almost reach its end, my thought flied back the whole year. And memories attacked randomly. There are so many ups and downs. Friend comes and goes. Heart streaming in love songs. And academic thingy that still going on and on and on and on. Take me to my finish line, please.

After all happened, I still feel very grateful with what I had and have, lessons I learned and else. So, here, I make an alphabetic list contains things that I’m really grateful about this whole year. Let’s start.

A : Aloe vera. It has helped me through my hair fall issue.

B : Baking. Thank God I found some activity that I truly like and feel good at.

C : Cheesecake. The most delicious cake I made this year. The real cheesecake and the classic cheesecake, their both are champs!

D : Driving. I am truly grateful now I can drive everywhere I want, myself.

E : Ears. So I know things even I don’t see it visually. With ears, I heard people’s voice tone and help me to know whether someone telling lies.

F : Family. No matter what happened, still, family is the most valuable thing in my life.

G : Google. Type a word and it search for you. Mostly it helps me found journals I need for my super final project.

H : Home. Best place in the world where I can eat anything I want, sleep anywhere I want, and take a shower anytime I want 😀

I : Intrigue. I am stepping adulthood right now and I realize life intrigues are getting harder and push me to be stronger.

J : J.K. Rowling. Thank you very much for bringing such an amazing story into my life. I love Harry Potter.

K : Kitchen, I think it’s my second favorite place in my home after my room.

L : Love. What’s better than falling in love?

M : Music/movie. My mood booster after foods (and men). No, I’m not playing naughty right there.

N : Notebook. I had my new notebook early this year. And I am glad I had a new one.

O : Oatmeal. I’ve replaced my cleanser with oatmeal. Oh and baking soda too. Natural ingredients for face. What’s better than that?

P : Photoshop element. Now I can edit my pictures beautifully (in my eyes).

Q : Qing Fei De yi. I learned Mandarin this year. And this is a mandarin song that I used to sing months ago, around May, to practice my hanyu. It was the original soundtrack of Meteor Garden series.

R : Ramadhan. This year, I made my way back to the kitchen and baked cookies for Eid Al-Fitr with my grandma after 5 years. Thank God this year I had full holiday in Ramadhan.

S : Singapore. Yes, I had a great time in SG. Spent a short holiday right before my final exam started. Awesome!  I really wanna go back there again. And maybe one day I could spend a period of time there.

T : . Oh my!!!! I really really like her style. Thanks Michelle Phan for bringing her on Youtube.

U :  Ugly duckling. Why the hell I put this on the list? I don’t even know why should I be grateful with this.  Idk, it’s all I can recall when I think U.

V : Vampire. The vampire diaries is my favorite serial this year. Should I be grateful with this?  Yes, I think, being grateful for a good series story line.

W : WordPress. A media that I use to express what I feel, my opinion and of course what I bake or cook.

X : Xoxo (i dont have any idea for this alphabet).

Y : You. Yes, yes, you. You right there.

Z : . She teach me how to cook and how to edit pictures. Lovely lady.

Fiuhh,, Finally finish with the alphabet. It got harder near the ending.

But by making this list doesn’t mean I am just being grateful with what I put on the list. I am very grateful, or at least trying to be, with every single things I had the whole year, whether it’s good or bad. I know it came to me with reasons. Happy new year people 🙂

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