The After-Blast-Day

So ya, it’s January and I had my birthday days ago. I took a long time to finally decided what I baked on my birthday. Red Velvet Cake. With cheesecake layer inside. The taste? Overall it was yumm-O like the other recipes :D. But for me, the taste was a bit heavyweight. You couldn’t eat double slice of it. The frosting was thick, so did the cheesecake layer.

These are what you need to make red velvet cheesecake cake

For the recipe you can check here

And here is a picture of this beauty. Sorry I forgot to take picture of its layers.

Ohh I also made this

That was simply pudding salad with Oreo layers at the bottom.

2 thoughts on “The After-Blast-Day

  1. you have a fantastic blog for sharing 🙂 …. salad puding dengan oreo crushed di dasarnya sangat kreatif dan inspiratif *for sure* … it totally. (from: isti, palembang)

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