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I’m back from Hybernating

Good thing about taking orders, I am being an unemployed with cash in my pocket. Bad thing, I dont have time try new recipes and share it here. There’s kinda good feeling knowing what I posted here somehow useful for someone, somewhere. Luckily, I have pretty much spare time now. So there goes my steps to the kitchen with some new recipes which I will share with you dear readers.


I’ve been knowing “molten chocolate cake” (or some called it molten lava cake) like for a long time. The gooey texture inside caught me in the first sight. But why did I have to wait so long to bake this baby?


So here are the ingredients you need:

 350 gr dark cooking chocolate, lelehkan

150 gr gula pasir

4 butir telur

50 gr mentega/margarin

50 gr tepung terigu protein sedang à segitiga biru

6 cangkir tahan panas

1 sdt vanila bubuk


How to:

  1. Kocok gula + mentega sampai lembut dengan speed tinggi. Tambahkan telur satu persatu, kocok kembali sampai tercampur rata.
  2. Tambahkan tepung + vanila bubuk. Aduk sampai tercampur rata.
  3. Masukkan coklat yang telah dilelehkan, aduk kembali sampai coklat tercampur rata.
  4. Siapkan cup/cangkir yang bagian dalamnya sudah diolesi mentega. Bagi 6 adonan sama rata.
  5. Panaskan oven suhu 200ºC, panggang adonan selama 20 menit*.


*di resep aslinya waktu yang dibutuhkan 10 menit aja, tapi waktu aku coba 10 menit, ternyata adonannya masih belum set. Jadi aku tambahin jadi 25 menit. Hasilnya di bagian bawah masih basah, tapi ga dapet bagian lumer di tengah. Jadi aku rasa 20 menit cukup untuk ngedapetin “gooey tekstur”nya.


Happy baking and good luck 🙂

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