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Work Out Routine

I love work out. Well, the result after I made it as my daily routine. I love the after burned effect, heart pounding hardly, sweating like crazy, and of course firmer muscles.

I have tried many kind of work outs since my junior high. Many kind. But I always look for the kind that I can do without being out of my room and with less equipment as possible, no equipment is the best!

For the past months, I did circuit training every morning for 10 minutes. Circuit training is a method where you combine 3-5 moves that count as 1 set. it can be mount climber, squat, or burpee. You do each moves for a minute, without any break. And do until 5-6 repetitions. It proved as the best way to burn calories, it’s not only focusing on one muscle but many muscles work at the same time. So, you can cut your working out time. At first i feel the effect. I got the sweat. My heart beat got faster. I felt my muscles get firmer in a week.

But after tried this for months. I got bored to do same moves everyday. And I no more felt the effect. I did not feel my body recharge anymore. It tended make me feel half charge and get tired easily. No more effective.

So I search for something new.

I found Blogilates’s videos are fun.

Well that’s not what you think at the first you try her videos. Mostly they are hard. But DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep it through! And you’ll see you can nail it.

Blogilates has many videos that can be used to execute one part of your body. So you are bored proof.

I usually do 2-3 videos that will spend 10-15 minutes of my morning time. And another 10-15 minutes after I get back from work.

All the moves mostly is Pilates. So it will strengthen your muscles.

I found I love her videos. Kinda addicted actually. I get my sweat. And I feel proud if I can finish her “hard” videos without any break. And yes, I feel my stamina maintain very well through out the day. That is the best part about her videos.

My working load really push me to have a good stamina. And her videos safe me.

Give her videos a try! And good luck.

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