Goals for this month

I really wanna back to writing again. Write thought beside recipes that I had in my mind.

So, it’s the first of November. Can you believe how close we are to the end of this year? Once again, time does fly fast. Eventhough I didn’t have something big happened this year.

Hmm.. wait! I think I had something big this year, but let me discuss it some other time.

Last week I watched GentleWhisper’s vlog on Youtube (she’s an ASMR artist) where she showed what ritual she does every new moon (moon, not month). She believe that moon has power over our body blablablablabla that I don’t buy at all. But, within the ritual of new moon, she always put up her goals within this new moon. I think it’s good to do so. Specify your goals every month, whether you want to achieve something new or enhance something within you.

So, what’s my goal for this month?


First, I definitely need to lose some weight. I checked my weight last weekend and my eyes almost poped out! Never been in my life I reach that number! So, I have to work on my muscle to get it firmer and watch my food intake. I will try to have low carb diet (not fully promise my self since cakes and I are bestie). But main reason I wanna lose weight because of my friend’s wedding that I need to attend in first week of December. You know what they said, “When you have fit body, you will look and feel good in everything you wear”.

Second, I wanna try several new recipes to put on Day Luscious’s menu. FYI, Day Luscious will celebrate its first anniversary this month! Woohooooooo!!! Excited right here!

And last, I also need to watch my spending, since I have holiday plan for next Spring. Nominal budget I have now still way far from budget I planned. Need to tied my wallet a little tighter.

What about you? What’s your goals? 😉

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