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Beauty & the Beast

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We’ve all waited for this since year ago. And I also, at first, got my self thrilled watched its trailer for the first time and could not wait to watch it my self. Main attraction for me of course Emma Watson. I always love female actress who have strong character in their personal life, like Watson, Stone or Bullock. And I have been loving her since Harry Potter saga movies *Potterhead detected*

So, I managed my self to get a ticket on the first day it released, even though the excitement has no longer high as the first time I watched the trailer.

And, from my personal view, I did not like it as a whole pack.

No, I like the singing, the dancing, dresses, the set up, Belle, Gaston, and even the talking candle.

So why?

Emma Watson + book = Hermione Granger. It is hard for me to see her as Belle. Since she already filled my mind set with the image of super smart worm book muggle for over 6 years when she played the character of Hermione.

The movie showed how Belle loves to read so much, she even create things to make her daily life more efficient. And because of reading, she dreams to see the world and eager to find out more what mother earth has to offer. The whole scene move smoothly until she met the Beast. I even put wide smile when the Beast show Belle his magnificent library and Belle spontaneously go WOW over those books. But suddenly the scene moves to Belle and the Beast wandering around snowy garden and she sings that showing somehow she see something different from the Beast. She give signal to us that she start to have feeling for the Beast. Why so fast?

And there my friend when I stop watching it closely.

Simply because it didn’t show enough process of how Belle fall for the Beast. I am a sucker for romance. and this was not enough for me. And poofff the whole magic just gone.

But after all, it was still entertaining even though lacking on romance plot.

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