To: My Mom

I know we’re not close.

I know we don’t share stories like mother-daughter usually do.

I know we mostly argue about things. Actually, I am the one who argue you.

Because you know, we share similar traits inside. Stubborn, selfish, need to control etc.

But, I want to thank you..

Thank you for asked me to help you peeling shallot and garlic since I was 8.

Thank you for gave me responsibility to sweep up our house every morning before I got ready for school.

Thank you for taught me to recite Quran by yourself.

Thank you for showed me how to stand up alone as a woman when papa away from us for persueing his higher education far from home.

Thank you for taught me how to buy affordable clothes that look expensive when I wear it.

Thank you for always taking care of me when I got sick.

There are still a lot of room for me to improve as a person.

But looking at my self, I am truly thank you for making me the woman I am now..

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