A letter to 19 years old me

Hi Dev, you must be ecxited for being nineteen and slightly terrified knowing you’ll start your twentyish in a year, because you realize 20 kinda officially brings you to the stage of adulthood.

By the way, it’s me, the 29 years old version of you. Tell you what, it’s not only “slightly”, but I’m honestly TERRIFIED to be this close to 30. I am old. I don’t know how many years left for me to be able to breathe.

But I am here not to talk about me, but you. At my age now, there are things I wish I knew sooner. Shall we start?

  1. You probably now think you live in a bird cage, have no power to fly wherever you want. But no worries, in a few years you’ll move out and start to explore. But remember, no matter how appealing the outside world for you, never forget your fundamental value as a person, as a woman to be specific.
  2. I know you try to fit into a few group of friends that you count as “famous/popular group” because by that you’ll be famous too. Smart thought of you. But sadly most of the time you’ll be the one who left behind. And you’ll think “what’s wrong with me?” Nothing is wrong with you. You just don’t belong to be part of the group. You don’t belong to a large group of friend, too many drama. Later on you’ll find that you can make friend with anyone you want, bond with them personally, without binding yourself to one spesific group, without the urge to be famous. You’ll learn more about life this way.
  3. Wait what? You think you’re not pretty? Darling, here’s a mirror for you. You are beautiful. You just need a little boost of confidence to realize it and style yourself a bit more. I didn’t know it took quite sometimes to realize it. Can we blame those image built by all advertisements?
  4. If I’m not mistaken, you are now not currently in a huge crush with someone. You just let your first love went with another girl without having a chance to meet him in person. But I predict you’ll meet him once in the future. Kidding, it’s not prediction, you’ll meet him once. You’ll also fall in love twice. You’ll bloom with the second. But you’ll be broken, hardly broken with the third. Be strong okay. It hurts much, but time will heal. Time always heal if you let it to.
  5. You know when people say “dont jinx silly statement“, well it’s true darling. Those whom you fall for are the people who you said you’ll never fall in love with. So, yeah, watch out your words lady, it maybe turn out to be true.
  6. I know you like to work out, because you love food and want to eat as many as you can without having weight gain issue. Keep it up while you’re young and your metabolism work well. It’s getting hard to lose some kgs as you add another number to your age.
  7. Always use SPF. Always reapply it especially when you are in outdoor area. To prevent all the dark spots.
  8. We know we love to daydream about travelling to places around the world. Without knowing exactly when we will be able to locate ourselves. But take it slow, after you get a job, you’ll manage your finance to achieve it.
  9. You must have heard a lot of people comment, complaining actually, about your temper, how easy you are to be grumpy or comment about your fierce look. Take a deep breath with me. Because all the things that will happen in the next 10 years will affect your temper. All the high and low will slowly turn you into a better woman. You still have that temper within you, but way better. New people who come to your life will still see you as a woman with bad temper. It’s okay. They don’t know your journey. Always strive to be better version of you. Always.

I guess that’s all I can say now. I hope you enjoy your life as much as I do.

Cheers to many more years to come Dev!

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