Easy Recipe(s)

I currently have no big idea to share. Let’s share some easy recipes. I love easy. Don’t we all? Thing about easy recipe is, to use anything you have in hand and try to create something edible of it, and with a bit of luck, also tasty. Let’s start with Nasi Goreng.

When I post this picture on my IG story, someone comment, “Do use instant seasoning?” Like really? Just to make simple dish like Nasi Goreng do we really need instant seasoning? NO. Even if you count yourself as a beginner in cooking, please don’t use instant seasoning for this simple dish (and better for any other recipes you make in the future). Why use something instant that you dont really know the ingredients are when you can provide yourself with fresh options?

Because all you need is onion, garlic, sweet soy sauce, eggs, rice (of course), meatballs/chicken/prawn, celery, tomatoes/cucumber. I found some people really stick to recipes when they’re cooking. For specific recipe yes you do need to follow every ingredients listed and every steps mentioned (like macaron or croissant). But for everyday meal, there are lot of room to improvise. Recipe is just a big guideline on what proteins, carbs, and seasoning you need, you are allowed to change it as your liking.

For Nasi Goreng, here are what you need:

2 portion of rice (I like to use leftover rice)
3 garlic, minced
quarter part of onion, diced (or you can use 5-6 shallots)
2 eggs,
6 meatballs, thinly sliced
sweet soy sauce
celery, minced
salt and pepper for seasoning

How to:
1. Cook your eggs first. You can do sunny side-up, but I’m in the mood for thinly sliced omelet. Crack your eggs into bowl, Beat the eggs, season it with pinch of salt. Prepare your pan, grease it with a drop of oil, and pour half of your beaten egg, move your pan around, until a thin layer of omelet formed (kinda look like crepe). And cook until done. Repeat it with remaining egg. Roll your cooked egg, and slice thinly.
2. Saute garlic and onion until fragrance. Add in meatballs. Add your salt and pepper. I like to put my seasoning first while the pan is not fully loaded with stuff just yet. It make it easier to mix the flavor in my opinion.
3. Next, I put my rice. And eyeball the sweet soy sauce. Not too much please. If you like thing a bit spicy, you can add chilli sauce or chilli flake here. Mix well. Make sure every rice has brown color.
4. And last, pour in celery.
5. Plate your Nasi Goreng and serve with sliced tomato/cucumber and eggs

Another easy recipe I made always contain pasta. You can cook it with marinara sauce, bolognaise sauce, or cook it aglio olio style. But I craved pesto. Mostly, any pesto pasta recipe always use chicken as its protein. But I don’t have any. i just have squid in my freezer. So i just go with it, and hoping it tastes good. And it did. Just make sure you marinate your squid in lemon juice for 10-15 minutes before cook it.

This is another pasta recipe, but I use tuna as protein and add lot of chilli sauce as the base for the sauce.

Another staple ingredient that I usually use when I feel uber lazy is bread. But there will be another post for that.

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