Devitoo is…

I think it’s time to show the mature side of me on my writing and open up more about my real self here. Let’s try.


First move is by redefining this.

Devitoo is not my real name. It’s some random word that came out back in college where me and my friends liked to add something sounds “O” in the end of our name. So from Devi to Devito. But for ear catching purpose I put double “O” and there goes my name to be Devitoo in unrealitistic digital life.

8 thoughts on “Devitoo is…

      1. yah tampilan na dah lbh bgs aja..
        lebih rapi..

        n user friendly la..

        klo pengen perbagusin lg bnyk kok template2 yg bagus yg gratis di donlod..
        cari ja di google..

        n yg trakhir blog mu tu aktif..

        kembangin deh..

  1. Hi devita , salam kenal ya …blognya infomatif sekali , foto2 kurnya juga bagus .Kalo boleh tahu pake lensa apa . Oh ya sekalian dong fbmu apa ya

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