It’s always scary to open up about ourselves in digital life. There is a battle between “I want to share my stories, I want the spotlight” but also “feel scared I let people see way too much about my self” (which I already did I believe).

I like to introduce my self as Devitoo. Devitoo is not my real name. It’s just Devi. Back in college, me and my friends liked to add vowel “O” at the end of our name. So from Devi to Devito. But I thought it would be cuter if I put double “O” instead and there goes my name as Devitoo, my online name. My brand. So if one day you decide to stalk me, just go with that name as a keyword, and mostly (and easily) you’ll find anything you need or want to know about me. (deuh)

Currently I work as recruitment staff in one of automotive company in Jakarta, Indonesia.

But deep inside I always have a big passion for food, particularly dessert. And that’s why mostly I used to share recipes here. This passion also leads me to my side job as an amateur baker where I received cake orders. You know people said “Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”. That’s exactly what I feel when I received orders. I am excited!

I wrote since my last year on senior high. Back then blogging was one of the hottest thing. I tried it and found that I pretty much love it (but of course not as big as my love for food)

I hope you find my site interesting and beneficial for your life.



8 thoughts on “Introduction

      1. yah tampilan na dah lbh bgs aja..
        lebih rapi..

        n user friendly la..

        klo pengen perbagusin lg bnyk kok template2 yg bagus yg gratis di donlod..
        cari ja di google..

        n yg trakhir blog mu tu aktif..

        kembangin deh..

  1. Hi devita , salam kenal ya …blognya infomatif sekali , foto2 kurnya juga bagus .Kalo boleh tahu pake lensa apa . Oh ya sekalian dong fbmu apa ya

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