About my journal

Here is what you would see in my old blog:

I call it “A Note in A Yummy World”. It’s not the original title. I used to use A Note in A dummy World. But then I rethought, why should I stick with the dummy word? Full of negative energy. So then I changed it. Yummy sounds way more positive than dummy, eh?

Here I’d like to write everything I like, love, or maybe hate. The purpose of making this blog is not only as a media for me to express what I feel, what I think, but also I hope this blog can bring advantages for everyone who kindly wanna read my blog.

There are five categories here. First, about life, written in pink color (I hope my life just as sweet as pink color -_-). Second, foods or recipes, written in orange (I think it’s the most suitable color for food thingy, I think orange can persuade you to eat. It’s a warm color, just like good foods, warm and yummy, random thought). Third, books, movies or songs review in green color (green can make you feel comfort, relax, and that’s what books, movies and songs do to my life). Forth, my opinion, my view about some topics in chocolate (no idea about this one). And last, sport in blue color (because I like Chelsea FC), and sadly I seldom update this category. Why I use various colors? I don’t know exactly why. It was just such a spontaneous thought when I first posted here.

And of course you need to understand, what I write and publish here, are subjectively written. It’s all from my point of view. So, it’s okay if you have different opinion with me, that’s why WordPress provides the comment box, so you can share your opinions or critics to me.

Last, I hope I will always be high spirited to keep updating this blog..

Happy reading 🙂

But now, I won’t categorize it precisely. I will write every thought cross my mine, my view of life, my story that I think worth to share and else.






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